Which Cosmetic Injectable is Right For Me?

At CVVA, we know that your appearance plays a vital role in your confidence and ability to interact with others. The aging process and genetics can, at times, get between you and the way you want to look, but there are options to correct that. Expert injectors like those at CVVA in Columbus can help plump the lips, smooth lines and wrinkles on the face, forehead, and more. Minimally invasive treatments like dermal fillers and wrinkle-reducing injectables can help you feel like a brand new you. This post discusses treatment areas and the products used to treat them. 

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Which injectable is the right one for you?

Cosmetic injectables vary in their use and what kind of effects they provide. Adding volume and reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles are among the top choices for using fillers and wrinkle-relaxers. The choice comes down to your aesthetic goals, preferences, and which area(s) you want to treat.

Lip Augmentation

Some are born with thin lips, while others become thinner as they age. In either case, enhancement is possible in a variety of ways. 

Many opt for direct enhancement of the lips with dermal fillers. It is possible to volumize the lips themselves, but it also reduces the signs of aging around the mouth, such as lip lines that form above the upper lip with age. These lines become the focal point of many women’s efforts.

Smoothing lines and wrinkles

Expression lines often form on the upper part of the face with age. Experts refer to these as “dynamic wrinkles.” These lines form as your skin loses hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin, the essential elements of youthful skin.

Grooves, lines, and wrinkles form as we express various emotions, with skin lacking in these vital components. Wrinkle-relaxers like Botox relax the facial muscles, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles in these areas. Common areas for this treatment include lines around the corners of the eyes (crow’s feet), lines across the forehead, and lines that appear between the eyebrows, known as frown lines or eleven lines. 

If you are concerned with one or more of these cosmetic issues, wrinkle-relaxing injectables may be a perfect treatment for you.

Our cosmetic injectables

We offer several options depending on the goals of our patients and their medical situation. Here are some of the many cosmetic injectables and some information about each.


Botox is the first and still most popular injectable for relaxing wrinkles. It is an FDA-approved treatment to smooth wrinkles, which form at the corner of the eyes, forehead lines, and frown lines.

Once Botox is injected into the area that needs treatment, you can expect to see results almost immediately that become fully apparent seven days from treatment. They continue to improve over the month following treatment. You can treat several different areas during one treatment session, which creates results lasting around six months in most cases.


Dysport, much like Botox, is a wrinkle-relaxing injectable, but it’s FDA-approved to treat frown lines, known as eleven lines, that form between the eyebrows. Results of Dysport appear two to three days from the time of treatment and continue to improve over the following weeks. Treatment results last anywhere from three to six months in most cases.


Jeuveau is another cosmetic injectable aimed at reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It results from a process that stops the nerves from telling your facial muscles to flex, temporarily smoothing moderate to severe lines between the brows.


Juvéderm is a filler created for the augmentation of the lips. Patients often want to increase the size of one or both of their lips and use this injectable to increase the size and achieve their cosmetic goals. Lip fillers like this increase the size of the lips and last up to a year. The need for volume can arise from a simple aesthetic want of the patient or the loss of volume throughout their lives.


Restylane is a family of fillers that augment the lips. This filler is unique because its technology helps injectors create the most natural-looking lips possible. 

Lips treated with Restylane look natural and can be moved thanks to the flexibility of the filler freely. These results typically last up to one year and can also improve the color and texture of the lips.


Which is the right option for me?

It can get confusing because many products perform the same role. The good news is this is not a decision you have to make! During your private consultation with our staff at CVVA, we hear your goals and work on the best way to achieve them with the best products available that are compatible with you.

What is the treatment process like?

When you undergo treatment, it’s a quick and virtually painless experience. You will sometimes feel a slight pinch, and some light topical numbing agents numb the area for those with a lower threshold for this kind of pain. The needles used are ultra-fine and make the process simple, straightforward, and fast.

Will the results look natural?

Every cosmetic product on the list can deliver very natural-looking results when that is the desired result and when a skilled injector is the one performing the treatment. When you choose a provider that you can trust and form a relationship with; you can rest assured that the results will be beautiful and natural.

How many treatments are needed?

Most patients can get the look they want after one treatment, but no filler or wrinkle-reducing formula lasts forever. Once you notice your results diminishing, it is often a great time to have a simple refresh to maintain them. Every six to twelve months is an average timespan for refreshing treatments for patients who wish to keep them long-term.

Experience the benefits of cosmetic injectables with CVVA in Columbus, Ohio

There are simple and effective, minimally invasive ways to treat wrinkles and increase volume in several problem areas. It all starts with a quick, easy, and private consultation with a specialist at CVVA which often we can do the treatment the same day. Our Westerville location is an ideal choice for dermal fillers and Botox in Columbus, and we look forward to working together with you to achieve your aesthetic goals.

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