How to keep your veins healthy while working from home

Now that they’ve had a taste, many more people love working from home.  It’s a comfortable atmosphere, you can wear whatever clothes you want, and there’s no need to commute. What could be better? Working from home is pretty good by most metrics, but not everything is perfect.

A sedentary lifestyle is when a person does not get enough movement for the body to maintain its healthy processes. It is easy to fall into this when you work from home, and it can lead you down a path of venous insufficiency over a long period if you don’t address it.

We recommend specific lifestyle changes for home-workers to keep blood flow healthy and ensure that your veins are adequately cared for and stay functional to avoid illness and the need for vein treatments later on.

About Vein Health

Keeping your veins healthy is essential to a happy life. Veins and arteries control blood flow to and from the heart, allowing the organs to have the nutrition they need to function. Aside from a sedentary lifestyle, many conditions can impact the veins negatively. They include:

  • Lack of movement
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Injuries
  • Pregnancy

Some common issues and statuses can affect the veins, but there are many more.

More About The Sedentary Lifestyle

Sitting for long periods has been linked not just to vein disease but also to the heart and orthopedic problems. Exercising regularly can prevent most of these pitfalls and strengthen your body overall, increase your energy levels, clear your head, and other health benefits. Keeping a few things in mind will help ensure a healthy, happy vein life.

Your level of activity is essential.

Most people are sitting for more of the day than standing, unless your job requires movement, such as waiters and waitresses.

When you are online for most of the day working, take breaks to get some movement into your routine. Here are a few easy, low-impact ways for you to do that.

  • Stretch the arms, stomach, and back. These are all things you can do without even having to get up. Perfect while on a long zoom call or something of that nature.
  • Take a 20-minute break to ride a stationary bike or elliptical. They are low-impact and work your legs out tremendously for the time they require.
  • Go for a jog or a walk around the block or wherever you happen to be nearby.
  • Stretch the thighs out by fully extending your legs. Activate the calf muscles by going up on your tippy-toes 10-15 times.
  • While sitting, point the toes up to the sky and then straight out. Do this 10-15 times. You can do this while sitting!
  • Uncross your legs
  • Elevate your legs above your hips repeatedly or prop your feet up on a stool under your desk. This keeps the legs from falling into the same position for multiple hours in a row, which is not healthy.

Compression Therapy

Wearing compression socks is excellent for those predisposed to vein issues and those who aren’t. It is never wrong to try compression therapy either preventatively or because you have vein issues. They are often recommended for venous insufficiency to get the blood flowing.

Wear the proper clothing in general

Even though compression stockings and tight-fitting clothing might seem similar, it isn’t the case. You should dress in light, flowing, breathable fabrics as much as you can to avoid restriction of the veins.

Optimize Your Nutrition

Processed and sugary foods and drinks are bad for your health and your vein health. Try replacing chips and candy with fruits, veggies, and dips when you want to snack. They taste amazing and are healthier and more nutritious alternatives to these other junk foods. Too much sugar and other harmful factors in the diet can lead to vein issues, worsen existing ones, and affect blood pressure.


Everything in your body functions better when you keep your hydration right. Drinking 32oz of water a day will be enough to keep your body going while simply working from home. Spice it up with some flavoring, some lemons, cucumbers, strawberries, or other natural goodies to make it a little more exciting if that’s what you’re after. Dehydration leads to the veins shrinking, limiting how much blood freely moves through them to where it needs to go.

Listen to your body

This tip is commonly overlooked but never should be. Your body can tell you in many ways that something is wrong before you ever have a symptom. If you feel something is wrong, seek out a vein specialist soon to avoid any issues becoming worse. The longer you wait, the most likely problems can arise and become bad enough to need more invasive treatments. The sooner we catch a medical problem, the easier it is to remedy, sometimes requiring a simple lifestyle change instead of manual therapy.

Next Steps

If you have questions or concerns about your veins, don’t hesitate.  If you are in the Greater Columbus area, contact us today! Our team of specialists at Columbus Vascular Vein & Aesthetics look forward to helping you look after your veins on your journey working from home.

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