Make Botox Last Longer and Get the Best Our Of Dermal Fillers with These Easy Tips

Patients love Botox for its quick treatment and immediate results. Botox leaves the skin with a smooth, youthful look and smoother skin within a matter of days. It’s widely known among the best anti-wrinkle treatments. Even in the best situation, however, Botox injections are a temporary fix that needs to be refreshed over time to maintain the look.

How long does botox last? The answer is that it depends. Most report Botox injections lasting anywhere from three to six months, but there are some methods to make Botox last longer. Not just that, but fillers, as well. In this post, we discuss the various ways to make Botox last longer and discuss making fillers last longer towards the end.

Take good care of your skin

Too much sun causes damage to the skin, causing uneven skin tones and spots as well as the wrinkles you’ve likely used Botox for, to begin with.

After Botox treatment, the inflammation from UV rays can cause damage to the skin. It’s essential to wear sunscreen regularly. sunscreen protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays while still allowing you to soak up all that healthy Vitamin D. Sunglasses, on top of that, will help you stop squinting. Hats are a good idea in this situation as well. Squinting over long periods causes pesky crows’ feet that many seek Botox to treat.

Use a skincare regimen

Anti-wrinkle treatments used topically won’t give quite the same results as Botox, but many skin care products can strengthen the skin, help it to heal after being damaged, and make Botox last longer.

When looking for skincare products, those with retinol and peptides help to promote healthy collagen production. Moisturizing regularly keeps skin hydrated and protects it from seasonal dryness.

Stay active, but take it easy

It’s important to stay active. It’s great for virtually every area of your health, but certain workouts will cause you to need refreshers on your Botox more often. Those who run sprints or do hot yoga, for example, tend to need treatments refreshed sooner than those who exercise less intensely.

If you love to and choose to continue running outside, keep in mind to wear sunscreen to protect yourself while you do it!

Quit smoking

Smoking is terrible for your health. It also causes wrinkles and ages the skin more quickly. Lines around your lips develop as you take a cigarette or vape drags. Many people seek Botox to take care of these wrinkles, and those who continue to smoke anyway will need to return more often to refresh their look and reduce those wrinkles.

Destress and get enough sleep

Stress causes so many negative impacts on your health and your ability to live a happy life. The period your Botox will last is another area affected by stress. It can cause a breakdown of your injectables and create new wrinkles with stressed facial expressions like frowning. 

Take care to manage stress if you want to prolong the effectiveness of Botox injections.

On that note, getting enough sleep is another essential part of prolonging your Botox treatment. Sleeping is when your body makes any necessary repairs, including the skin.

Is there a way to make fillers last longer?

Fillers are a great option in addition to or instead of Botox injections in some cases. But is there a way to make fillers last longer in between treatments?

How long do fillers last?

Various filters available at CVVA can last anywhere from 9 to 24 months, depending on your choice and your filler aftercare.

The faster your metabolism is, the less time you’ll have in-between filler treatments. The location you use your fillers for also impacts how long they will last. When done in an area you use daily, such as the mouth and lips, they tend to last less long. Sleep pressure is another factor that can cause fillers to break down more quickly.


The tips we’ve described throughout this post will help Botox last longer, protect your skin, and will support you in extending the life of your fillers.

If you are interested in learning more, contact us today in Columbus at CVVA.

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